#50PreciousWords 2023 Contest

It’s that time of year! The annual #50PreciousWords Contest is going on now. It’s an annual contest hosted by author Vivian Kirkfield to write a children’s book in just 50 words. You can read all the entries here: https://viviankirkfield.com/2023/03/03/official-50preciouswords-2023-international-writing-contest-is-open/

I submitted last year, but this year I wasn’t going to enter. I felt too busy and I’m trying to conserve energy for my high priority projects. At the moment I am trying to finish the final edits on ICE CREAM EVERYWHERE, get EL VECINDARIO DE AJ finalized for the printer, and complete some edits and research on another project that I have some editor interest in. So I figured I’d let this year’s 50 Precious Words contest go by.

But then I started seeing the entries being posted on Twitter, and it got my brain spinning. I decided to look at some of my old story ideas that I hadn’t used yet to see if there was anything that I could tell in just 50 words. I had a few options, but one just jumped out at me and started writing itself in my brain. Sometimes it just works that way.

So here it is, my entry for the 50 Precious Words Contest for 2023. I hope you enjoy it!

The Bucket Brigade

Unseen in the dark—a spark. Then flames.


We run to the well. Neighbors join Father, Mother and me.

It’s up to us: the bucket brigade.

“Make a chain! Pass the water!”

Bucket after bucket douses the blaze.  

Embers die with the sunrise.

We’re exhausted and sore. But victorious.